The Sarcher in the world

There are today two principals regions where we can find Sarcher in the world :

First in France, I take census in the phone directory of 18 families. Most of them live in the Pays de Loire region (12), especially in Mayenne and Maine et Loire departments, what would prove that the family didn't move a lot during 6 centuries.
Bavière (Allemagne)
The second region where we found Sarcher is Germany. I take census of about sixty families in this country, Most of them (50) are in the south of Bavaria. There are also 3 Sarcher in the far west of Austria, close to the german frontier.
It seems that this family is established in this region since at least the beginning of the XIXth century. It's interesting to notice that, as the french family, the german one did not move either. Unfortunately, for the moment, no family tie was found between the two families.
I found also one Sarcher in Denmark, at Copenhagen, and two in Texas (US)

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